Using Asphalt Millings

These photos illustrate how Hawk-Seal-E penetrates into old, oxidized asphalt.

This road leads into a light industrial area. No preparations were made to the existing base.

Unscreened millings were spread over the surface, shaped,
sprayed with Hawk-Seal-E and compacted.

The final surface was sprayed with Hawk-Seal-E. The section was completed in a matter of hours and opened to traffic.

  • Hawk-Seal-E has a strong affinity for asphalt.
  • Several truckloads of unscreened, asphalt millings
    were placed on this roadway.
  • The photos demonstrate how Hawk-Seal-E was used to create an asphalt surface.

The photo on the left was taken almost 1 1/2 years later.

The surface was still waterproof and in excellent condition.